RH- (idea, lyrics, visualisations, ambience)
A.MORBID (guitar, clean vocals)
M.v.K. (guitar)
KLAT BA (as éminence grise)
LETALIIS (vocals)
GRAV (ambience)

TRIST (vocals, guitar, ambience)
HETRE (guitar, vocals, bass)

sessional members:
Mura Hachigu (intro for unreleased track)
D. Vrangsinn (intro for "Let's get under sail" single)


step "0":

Project DEEP-PRESSION was created in late 2006 as single experiment-cooperation between depressive black metal musician TRIST and lyric-writer/artwork performer RH-. There was just one goal: leave the smell/stench of hospital behind... 1st album "I walk the life in depression" was written and recorded in 4 days during grey days of November 2006. The only musician on it was TRIST, and RH- made additionally intro and outro. On 5th day D-P had a contract with Swedish Insikt Prod. on 100 tapes, which were finally released about 1 year (!!) later (nov.2007). But this situation didt stop both members.

step "1":

After a few months RH- decided to continue the project D-P with a bigger squad. Finding HETRE from American bm band called TRISTE. HETRE joined D-P and both with TRIST made music for 2nd album "The Critical State of Loneliness". All lyrics and artwork were done again by RH-. Album was more guitar work and HETRE played some simple bass lines for it. The album was suppossed to be released by Insikt Rec. again but has never been released.

step "2":

It was plenty of months of silence. TRIST stopt his music activities with all projects and HETRE started other things. Both left D-P. But before TRIST and HETRE left RH- had welcomed new musician A.MORBID from American band HAPPY DAYS. "The most interesting for me was the name of the band. It was brave name, easy to be mocked. I felt that this is the guy i need to D-P" (Rh-). A.MORBID joined the project at once and after a short time he made 1st single song for it: "Pain is Everywhere". It’ s still kind of anthem of the project ’cos it represents all that D-P was in that time. Song was simple again, again without drums, with clean vocals of A.MORBID. A few weeks after 1st single, MORBID made quite harsh song "0Rh-" for quite strange lyric about the curse in blood...

step "mystic seas":

The time of changes came. Lyrics changed on more dim and metaphorical, connected with a sea. Based upon sea-ideas, both RH- and MORBID, made music for 3rd and 4th single which were the concept, both lyrically and musically. RH- made whole ambience. MORBID played guitar, made vocals and some marine effects. Last but not least: on 4th single "Let’s get under sail" for the first time appears D.VRANGSINN, who offered his short track as intro. Singles "Deep Journey Down" and "Let’ s Get Under Sail" represent the new direction in D-P’s trip.

step "nowdays":

Now as jam-band, in squad: RH-, MVK, A.MORBID, D.VRANGSINN, LETALIIS, GRAV and KLAT BA, have been preparing slowly 3rd album ...one thing is certain - the pain will crawl on!